Sharing knowledge is the theme to this years Chelsea Flower Show and today we’re sharing some ideas for designing and making the most of your garden to give you an idea as to how far your money will go. 

The first questions to ask yourself is what do you need your garden to do. Landscaping and outdoor space is now considered an extension to your home so ensure you cater for everyone’s requirements, tastes and practicalities. There should be designated areas in the garden as there are rooms in your house; an entrance, an area for eating, for playing, for relaxing, for parties and for planting whether that’s flowers or vegetables. You need to think about circulation and how you reach these areas. All of these things need to be considered and like with most things planning is key!

Research what you like and dislike and take inspiration from existing gardens or perhaps create a mood board or a collection on Pinterest. Plan your year round appeal and how you will use your garden in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Below we’ve listed our top tips when designing your outdoor space.

TIP ONE – Lines are one of the most important and useful in all outdoor design, curves, straight, vertical and angled, they draw your eye and direct where you go in a garden.

TIP TWO – Creating curves instead of straight lines whether that be a path or walk way to Connect points of interest or flower beds; curves instantly create design.

TIP THREE – Adding edging to beds creates a sleek designed finish and prevents grass from creeping into your flower beds or raised beds add structure.

TIP FOUR –Think about an outdoor seating area however big or small your outside space there is a so much choice and an option to suit all tastes and budgets it could be a spot for an evening drink a place to lounge or an area to accommodate the whole family for lunch.

TIP FIVE – Last but not least, lighting! Illuminate focal points and walk ways. This is by no means an exhaustive list people study for years to become professional designers but they are a few points to consider and get you started.

So, the million dollar question is….the million dollar question! What do you spend and what can my money buy me? This is entirely up to you, what you can afford and/or what you are willing to invest in your outdoor space, however, never forget that you don’t need money to make a difference. Below we give you some advice on what to do based on your budget.

£0 – A good clean and tidy up will make a huge difference. Trip over grown shrubs, edge lawns with a spade for sharp lines. Clear weeds and swap plants with friends.

Up to £100 – New plants add instant colour. Plant containers, re-grace an area or path, mulch beds which help to surprise weeds and aid water retention in your beds or pots. Build a water feature or small wildlife pond or fire pit.

Up to £500 – Allows you to consider building materials as well as plants, you could paint a fence or garden furniture or even build a raised sleeper bed for planting or vegetables.

Up to £1000 – Would buy you two days bringing in a skilled labourer or new paving slabs and materials to do a DIY paving job. You might also invest in some new garden furniture.

£5,000 – £10,000 – Would buy a week to ten days work by a skilled tradesman including materials. You could consider a garden designer but would need to allow about 15% of your budget for a designer (but it will help your money go further). A professional garden design with a project to work on over time – giving you something to work towards as opposed to investing all at once. We find this helps people have what they want by creating their dream garden in phases.

£10,000 – £30,000 – Can hire a professional landscape designer and contractor to create a beautiful landscape without lifting a finger!

£30,000 or over – with a budget of this scale you will be able to create an incredible space with landscape professionals that you’d be able to treasure all year round!

We hope that this helps you. We also hope that you are enjoying Chelsea Flower Show this year even though it might not be the one we all had hoped for. For all enquiries, whether you’re looking for supplies for a DIY job, or if you’d like a quotation for constructing your new garden , please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call 01962 777475.