Here at Greener Landscapes, we consider ourselves specialists in supplying and installing premium and high-quality Porcelain Paving. Porcelain Paving ideal for projects where style and prestige are paramount, often used to bring the modernity out of a home or office, into the outdoors.

A common theme among customers is their request for indoor/outdoor spaces and low-maintenance design. Porcelain ticks these boxes it is is low maintenance easy to clean and will not change colour from the day it was laid even though it is exposed to the elements.

With a vast range of colours and installation options, each project is bespoke and can look entirely different from the next, but here are some of our favourites that we have been involved with.

This central town house looks amazing and has been laid using Oro Porcelain Paving. To have such a clean and elegant look would have once been impossible because when light coloured natural paving is exposed to the elements the colour will almost certainly change. Porcelain paving goes against this because it is non pourus to 0.1% so a quick hose down or mop will return it to its orginal beauty.

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Cream Porcelain Paving compliments the warm tones of the composite decking and creates an elegant outdoor space.

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This shady garden has been transformed using porcelain paving from our Vitripiazza Collection. The cream tones have really lifted this outside space.

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This courtyard garden has been transformed with low maintenance porcelain paving from the Di Pietra range; Tempesta and Nero colourways have been used. The cream colour used in the patio paving creates space and the black porcelain tiles used to clad the planters work well to give a contemporary feel to this town garden.

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This stunning terrace has been created using Porcelain tiles from the Granito range in colourway; Basalto. These tiles come in a variety of sizes each tile used here are the largest available and are 1200x600mm each the grand size of these tiles have created a modern indoor ourdoor space.

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Two tones of porcelain from the Di Pietra range (Tempesta and Nero) have been used to create a modern courtyard garden the different colours work well to create zones and interest and work well to create the illusion of space.

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Pantera Paving has been laid to create a moden courtyard garden

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Oro porcelain paving has been used here to form a pathway, stairs and patio area that also serves to frame the turf with high colour contrasts, creating a modern feel.

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