We stock a range of composts, ornamental decorative bark and wood chipping’s we are the only local supplier to sell loose bark which can be delivered free of charge locally or collected from our site opposite Marwell Zoo. Pop in or give us a call to disuss your requirements.

Our composts are peat-free and endorsed by the RHS. Ideal for planting on, planting pots and adding nutrition to beds for the new growing season.

Our Soil conditioner is excellent for adding organic matter and enhancing the fertility of soils it is easy to to apply and incorporate using simple garden tools spread the Soil Improver evenly onto the soil surface to a depth of not less than 50mm, then thoroughly incorporate into at least the top 150mm of soil.

Ornamental Sruce Bark is  versatile conifer bark mulch to use on garden borders and landscaped areas you shoild apply to a minimum depth of 75mm/3” it surpreses weeds and reduces moisture loss.

Chippings are used at a depth of 25mm/ 1 inch and are ideal for a neat finish for mulching pots, tubs and containers and borders.

Please call us for an informal quote.

Compost, Ornamental Decorative Bark & Chippings

SylvaGrow Multipurpose Compost

Sustainable growing medium for gardeners who are as passionate about the environment as their gardens. Superb quality, 100% peat-free compost as used by professionals. Suitable for a wide range of garden applications including potting-on, planting out and as a growing bag.
Available in 50L bags & RHS endorsed.

TopGrow tree and shrub planting compost

A carefully formulated tree and shrub planting compost, 100% peat-free and containing balanced slow-release nutrients, used to aid the successful establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs.
Available in 50l bags.

Bark Nuggets

An extremely popular chunky bark mulch
Nominal particle size 15-65mm
Minimum installation depth 50mm/2”
Use for larger garden and landscape applications
RHS Endorsed
Available in easy to use 60l bags

Spruce Ornamental Bark

A versatile conifer bark mulch
Nominal particle size 5–35mm
Minimum installation depth 75mm/3”
Use on garden borders and landscaped areas
RHS Endorsed
Available in Cubic metre bags and conveniently sized 60l bags

Pine Mini Chips

A neat, well-screened pine bark
Nominal particle size 3-18mm
Minimum installation depth 25mm/ 1 inch
Use for mulching pots, tubs and containers and borders
RHS Endorsed
available in 60l bags

Play Bark

An exceptionally well graded, chunky pine bark, Nominal particle size 10–40mm.
Tested in accordance with BS EN 1176 and 1177.
Use at depths of 300mm, 200mm and 100mm giving critical fall heights of 6.01metres, 3.82 metres and 1.33 metres respectively
Available in convinently sized 70l bags


Tree stakes, strapping and blocks
Gloves and sitemarker
Diamond Blades
Tape measures