One of the biggest questions we get asked is ‘do we really need the garden design bit?’ and in short, the answer to our customers is yes.

Due to the vast scale of landscaping that exists people can quickly dismiss the true value added by a professional garden design ahead of starting a project. Often you will have ‘a good idea’ of what you want and therefore don’t want to risk someone muscling in on your dream landscape, however, have you thought it all through?!

Below we explore the many ways that a professional garden design can add value to your project.

Vision – when planning a garden space, unlike say a room in your house, you have to think beyond what it will look like when its first finished. By very nature you need to factor in seasonal change but also long-term growth and establishment. A professional designer will factor in all these things to ensure your garden looks great all year round and lasts for years to come!

Layout – a garden can’t just look beautiful; it needs to be arranged in a way that compliments the way you want to interact with it from your first morning coffee, to afternoons spent with the family all the way to your late evening drinks party. Your garden should be an extension of your home and offer you versatility to suit your needs.

Technical aspect – spending time and money on garden design will always save you time and money during installation. A garden designer will consider all aspects of the area your transforming such as natural gradients, drainage and planning restrictions. All of which will make sure your quote is detailed, accurate and more importantly achievable before you get started.

Expertise and Experience – (certainly in the case of our designers) you can lean on the years of experience and expertise that comes from designing and building landscapes over the years. From plant and flower species that complement each other all the way through to building materials, a designer will bring all their years of knowledge to strike the right balance between your desired outcome and your budget – the result – your dream garden!

Overall, in our experience, money spent on a garden design is a great investment into your project. It will maximise your spend and ensure your outdoor space lasts for years to come! If you’re considering your next garden or landscape project and would like a quote or even advice on what to do next, our team our waiting for your call on or 01962777475.